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BrainVizion - A Quest for Excellence

Are you striving for excellence? If yes, there is no need to panic or get confused, no need to beat around the bush. Aim at the goal/ target you have set for yourself and meet a young dynamic couple to end all your woes and confusion, like or dislike? A passionate couple working with a vision to create “Happy Families Around” Dr. Sandhya & Rajesh R Salway-Patil, Directors of Brainmark Dermatoglyphics Pvt Ltd have been laboring hard to extract the optimum from every child brain and to make him/her aware of their strength and weaknesses of that the child could choose a befitting profession based on his strengths. Mr.Rajesh is an E.Q. Fellow Assessor & Coach – Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence, U.S.A, Master Franchisor & Trainer for DMIT. Dr.Sandhyais a Clinical Psychologist, International Learning Specialist, and Certified Graphologistwho are always ready to get the best out of every child.

The journey of BrainVizion begins in the year 2011. It’s the first company in Maharashtra to start DMIT and Right Brain Stimulation & only Institution which conducts Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Test in the city. So far, the institution has reached the concept to more than 1,50,000 people across Maharashtra, Gujrat&Tamilnadu through its Franchisee Network, Public Awareness Activities like Workshops, Schools & Corporate Seminars. Individuals from different sectors& age groupshave been benefitted at large.


Description of Expertise –

Team BrainVizionassesses, identifies strengths &weaknesses &trainsaccordingly as per the need. Their counseling regards various abilities, personality traits, inter and intra personal relationships, the behaviour is extremely useful in developing the latent talent to enhance the personality. Input Pattern (How to Study), activities to be chosen, tips for upbringing(Parenting), way to communicate,etc.certainly makes the child understand the self-transforming him into a  much better student.

Skills, interest, inclination, and caliber depend upon how the brain works. We often say that an individual's personality is bright, normal or weak. It is so because each brain functions differently. Everyone has some strengths& some weaknesses. Identifying them and working on the strengths is bound to yield better results.


Details of services BrainVizion offers:- 

DMI Test – Inborn Intelligence Assessment System - It has been scientifically proved that the Finger Prints and Brain Lobes have a direct connection.  This helps us to find out and understand the Strengths, Weaknesses, Personality traits, BrainPotentials, Learning Modes (Audio, Visual, and Kinesthetic), Suitable Activities & Career to be chosen. A 45pages report & personalized counseling is given to the concerned person who undergoes this test. 

Employee Assessments - Helps to understand individuals to discover their present state of mind, strengths & weaknesses for recruitment, Employees& Professionals.


Online Aptitude Test for Career Selection: 

This test derives the exact interest and inclination of students. It’s a set of five different tests. Aptitude, Interest, Personality, Skills and Intelligent Quotient. It helps to decide the suitable career stream as per the results.

  • Graduate & Post Graduate Students Career Aptitude Test
  • Medical, Engineering & Management Students Test


Emotional Intelligence ( E.Q.) Tests-It is a powerful set of learnable skills that can help us to become more aware, make better choices and be more purposeful. EQ Test for Students, Employees, Self Employed & Professionals.

Report Types- Profiler Report, Leadership Report, Development Report, Youth Version 9 Year Onwards, etc.

These tests will help you to enjoy varied and different tastes in your life. A happy brain learns faster & retains it for a longer time. Book your appointment now and carve your future!

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