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Is DMIT a type of Astrology or Palmistry?
No. It is a science which gives a reference to inborn intelligence of an individual.
Does my report change with my age?
No, this report is once in a life time report as it is based on finger prints which are not alterable.
Can I develop the un-developed part of my brain?
Yes. That is the ultimate objective of this test. The development is called ACQUIRED intelligence.
What is the right age to do DMIT ?
It should be done from 3 yrs. of the age and suppose to do as early as possible. Because brain development is faster in early years.
Is DMIT useful for my academic performance?
Through DMIT we came to know the dominant learning mode and best learning strategies for that person so using it, the academic performance will definitely improve.
Is DMIT help to improve parent & child relationship?
Through DMIT, we know strength, weakness & basic personality of the child. So it helps to understand the child better & ways to handle him, motivate & develop him.
From DMIT, Can I know which field should I select to study?
Yes. DMIT helps to identify one’s comfort zone. Hence, you can select the field to study once you have identified your comfort zone.

Career Guidance

Which is the important aspect in career selection?
Right career selection is a combination of - Intelligence, Aptitude, Interest, Skill and Personality.
What is an IQ?

It is an Intelligent Quotient.

IQ test measures Intellectual capacity of an individual.

What is an Aptitude? What does it measures?
Aptitude means a broad spectrum of abilities helpful in determining suitable careers. It measures-
  • Acuity Skill
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Mechanical Reasoning
What is the Personality?
Personality is a unique or distinctive way in which the person thinks, feel & act throughout his life span.
What are psychometric tests?
Psychometric tests are the scientific psychological tools which are developed by many years of research done by Psychologists & Psychometric world wide.
Is it necessary to do both DMIT & Psychometric test for career selection?
It is necessary to do both DMIT & Psychometric test for career selection as DMIT (measures only Inborn) is an inborn intelligences assessment system and psychometric test measures acquired skills(things) In our life Inborn (50%) + Acquired (50%) role.

Structure of Intellect

What is SOI- Structure of Intellect?
SOI is an US based program existing since last 60 years. This is a system of tests and training materials to develop intellectual learning abilities necessary for academic success. On which areas does it works? It works on – Cognition, Evaluation, Memory, Problem Solving, Creativity.
How many types of assessment in SOI?
There are three types of assessment in SOI – PLA - Primary Learning Abilities, ALA - Advance Learning Abilities, Giftedness / Career assessment.
What is the age group of SOI training?
The age group for SOI training is 5 to 25 years.
Is it beneficial for normal child or special child?
It is beneficial for both normal child & special child as it train weak abilities and enhance strong ones.
How do SOI training materials differ from others?
SOI training materials are designed specifically to teach one learning ability at a time to optimize learning and cognitive growth.SOI defines learning disabilities as the lack of learning abilities, so the focus is on developing learning skills that help form the foundation for academic learning.
Is there evidence that SOI makes a difference?
There are many studies that show how SOI can make a difference. Perhaps the most dramatic was done at the University Heights School in Seattle, Washington. In that program, students were seriously behind. Some were LD,LLD,ED, and Dyslexic, yet they gained an average of 14.7 IQ points (as measured by the WISC-R) and showed a language gain of 2.6 stanines. In the second year, the students made an average gain of an additional 11IQ points. Thus, over the two years, the students made an average gain of 25 IQ points, compared with the usual LD programs in which students typically lose about 5 IQ points and make no appreciable gain in language performance.
Is it useful for L.D. (Learning Disabled)? How?

It is very useful and the only effective tool for L.D.

SOI is a broad-spectrum test measuring 27 different abilities.

You gain information about which of the 27 learning abilities are undeveloped

  • You see which abilities are developing
  • You receive a plan for correcting deficiencies
  • Learning disabilities are defined as the absence of learning abilities.
  • SOI diagnostics tell you which learning abilities are deficient
  • SOI diagnostics tell you how to correct deficiencies by teaching through strengths

Emotional Intelligence

What is EQ?
EQ is a powerful set of learnable skills that can help us to become more aware, make better choices, and be more purposeful.
How is it measure?
The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI) is a scientifically validated and effective online assessment tool that measures EQ. Six Seconds is a California-based international non-profit organization dedicated to the awareness of "emotional intelligence".
3Are there any training tool after EQ assessment?
EQ assessment combined with coaching, equips people with an action oriented framework to support them in using and improving their EQ skills and driving long term transformation.
How is it beneficial for organization?
Research has shown a strong correlation between Emotional Intelligence and key performance outcomes in organisations.
What is the purpose of Practicing EQ?
Our mission is to support people to create positive change – everywhere, all the time.
Which are the important aspects of EQ?
Thoughts, Feelings & Actions are three aspects of EQ.
Explain the uses of EQ?
Uses of the SEI -
  • Professional and personal development
  • Training and coaching (for ex… leadership, teamwork, performance management, stress, communication, people-skills for project management, etc)
  • Selection, talent management
  • Pre/Post assessment and research

Employee Assesment

Which are the different assessment for Employees?
Personality – Workplace Profile, Managerial Skill Profiler, MBTI – Myers Briggs Type Indicator, 16 PF – 16 Personality Profiler, Sales Skill & Personality Profiler, Pre-recruitment Packages.
How is it beneficial for employee and organization ?
It is beneficial for both employee & organization as it helps organization to put right talent at the right place. It is a win-win situation.
Is it beneficial for employee retention?
Obviously, as we are going to give the work that is suitable for that specific personality, skill & talent. So the employee use his maximum potential. At the end of day he is satisfied with his work & performance.
Are there any pre recruitment assessment? How is it helpful?
There are many pre-recruitment assessments. It is very much useful for selection of the perfect candidate. As it put right talent at the right place.
Explain applications of employee assessment?
  • Helps in selecting right candidate.
  • Profiles individual's strength areas in the area of management.
  • Identifies training and development areas.
  • Talent maximization.
Does employee assessment helps in employee’s personal Growth? How?
Through these assessments, we came to know the clear picture of personality factors. Through scientific remedies, whichever areas needed will be trained or improved,so the personal growth is bound to come.

Whole brain Development.

Is it a scientific training program?
Professor Makoto Shichida led a worldwide revolution in education which is changing the way we understand children, their brain capabilities and their learning styles. He was a well-known figure in Japan, having committed the last 45 years to developing techniques to stimulate the early development of the brain.This training is based on his research.
Can there be enhancement of brain cognitive functions?
yes, the studies have shown that the environment and life experiences can influence the growth of the brain and the cognitive abilities. The process of learning is an outcome of connections and re-connections between 80 billion brain cells (called neurons) that each human brain is made of, with each cell having a potential of making several thousand connections with other cells. Hence the brain is highly plastic or mouldable, a process known as Neuroplasticity. Evidence has proven that appropriate tools and interventions in a conducive environment can stimulate neuroplasticity in the brains during childhood and beyond.
Is there any age limit for whole brain development training? Why?
Children between 5 to 15 years are able to do it. In this training scientific Alpha-Theta level music are played where apparently only children can receive these waves effectively. In general, theta and alpha waves belong to babies and children.
Is this training useful for academics?
Surely, once the cognitive function of brain improved then each and everything you will learn faster, better and deeper. It is not only apply to academics but also for sport, creativity, music etc.
How Brain-gym is useful?
When we use left hand our right brain gets activated and when we use right hand our left brain gets activated. In Brain-gym, we use both hands simultaneously but for different tasks, so not only both brains get activated but also work in co-ordination with each other.
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